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The Best Japanese Restaurants in New York

The Best Japanese Restaurants in New York

The good thing about New York is that it is home to different types of cuisines. In fact, a lot of people in New York love to eat Japanese foods. New York is home to many Japanese restaurants offering the best in Asian cuisine. Here are some of those restaurants.


Japanese Resto BarLocated in 43rd St, Sakagura is a real draw for those who love sakes. It is considered by many as the best source of Sake in New York City. In addition to this, you will also be able to select from some of the best foods from their expansive menu.


Brushstroke is another restaurant that you should have on your list if you are looking for some high-quality Japanese cuisine. It offers fine dining which is perfect for date nights. Head chef Isao Yamada has been known for creating a Kaiseki menu that doesn’t fail to impress.


Hi-Collar turns into a sake bar by night. Unlike other Japanese restaurants, Hi-Collar offers the modern feel to your Japanese cuisine. It offers Japanese Jazz that you might find classy as you dine.

Getting some Japanese food in New York is never that hard. These are just some of the best restaurants that you might want to try especially if you miss Asian cuisine.

Best Italian Restaurants in NY

Best Italian Restaurants in NY

Are you looking for the best Italian restaurant in New York? The good news is that New York is home to some of the world’s best Italian restaurants. Here are some restaurants that you might want to visit.

Del Posto

Del Posto is all about the high-end price and superb food options. This is Mario Batali’s restaurant that has become the top provider of Italian cuisine in New York. You will be able to get to the mood as well thanks to the clubby dining room that Del Posto has.


Marea is a brainchild of Chef Michael White. He established his reputation at Fiamma in New York as well as in Vegas. And now, Marea offers Italian seafood cuisines that your palate would instantly love.


Another top restaurant that you might want to visit in New York is Carbone. Both Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone made dramatic improvements to the Italian cuisine that you used to love.

If you ever find yourself craving for some great Italian food, it might be a good idea that you turn your attention to these Italian restaurants that we have mentioned. Not only are you going to satisfy your desire, you might even find yourself finding a different standard when it comes to Italian cuisine.

Q: What type of food do you serve?

A: Good food. OK, really good food. Simple as that.

Q: How long has Good been around?

A: 17 years and counting. Join us more often & we’ll stay around for awhile longer!

Q: Do you accept reservations?

A: Yes we do. You can reserve directly from this website or we welcome you to call us directly and we’ll do it for you. We don’t accept reservations via email.

Q: What's the story for Weekend Brunch?

A: We take a limited number of reservations for Brunch, but keep much of our seating open for walk-ins throughout the day. Brunch parties of 10 or more are obliged to utilize our $49 per-person, all-inclusive menu. Please contact us for details.

Q: Do you offer Happy Hour or EarlyBird specials?

A: Happy Hour (at the bar only) runs 7 nights a week from 6-8PM. Our Early Supper Special, $28 / 3-courses, is available every night from 6-7PM.

Q: Can you handle dietary restrictions?

A: We certainly can, to a limited degree. Please make sure to alert us in advance & we’ll do the best we can to accommodate your requests.

Q: Do you serve alcohol?

A: Oh yes. We’ve got a small, well-stocked full bar featuring specialty cocktails, great bottled beers and lots of wines by-the-glass.

Q: Do you sell gift certificates?

A: Yup. Just click the link on this website & purchase a gift e-card, or specific menu item, from the comfort of your own chair 24/7!

Q: Why won't you seat incomplete parties?

A: Tough one to explain but we’ll try… Our fairly small dining room doesn’t give us the luxury of leaving seats empty for too long. Incomplete parties makes for lengthier meal times & fewer seating options for our other guests, which leads to a pile-up of very cranky, hungry people.

Q: Can we bring our own birthday cake?

A: You’re more than welcome to bring your own special occasion dessert (of any type & size), but we do apply a $4 per person fee.

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